We offer a variety of different classes and events, with something for everyone, no matter your experience level. We invite you to come in for Flow Arts 101 to try your hand at any skill toy! Flow Arts 101 is the ideal place to jump in and get your feet wet.

  • Flow Arts 101

Flow Arts 101 is the perfect place to start. Students are invited to choose a skill toy to work with for that day, and receive hands on instruction with that tool. Classes are limited to 8 students in order to guarantee that each student gets one on one time with the instructor. Choose from Poi, Staff, Hula Hoop, Juggling Balls or Clubs, Diabolo, and Contact Juggling. Try something new every time, or stick with one and become a pro. Advanced students are recommend to check out our prop specific classes.

  • Poi Spinning

Poi is an ancient artform using balls on the ends of strings, and it is undergoing a modern revolution in technique and in popularity. Each week we cover a different topic in order to keep you learning. We recommend starting out in Flow Arts 101 before moving into our Poi specific class.

  • Staff Spinning

Staff spinning covers a wide range of ways to wield a stick. We recommend starting out in Flow Arts 101 before moving into our Staff specific class. We cover a variety of topics on how to use the staff with and without your hands, rolling it around your body using the form we now call Contact Staff.

  • Hula Hooping

Hooping is one of the most popular toys ever made! We feature different hooping instructors that each bring their own unique style and range of tricks to the table. For most hooping classes, no experience is needed.